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Vestige Memoria is an episodic horror game, in which we take paranormal stories, and turn them into horror experiences. In these thrilling horror experiences, take control of the survivors of these memories, living through these experiences as described by the person.

About This Game

Vestige Memoria is a single player, psychological horror game, in which you play as both the storyteller of a horror-based memory, and then you also play as a hunter, bent on eradicating the spirit that has tormented the survivor. During these, you will unravel deep lore about what has happened in the mansion, and why the spirit has decided to haunt the house. This game will play on paranoia of the player and making them question everything going on in the mansion and throw you into athrill filled adventure.

Immersive: There will be plenty of lore based things to find around, detailing why this has happened and give the player an insight into the world.

Unique Episodic Game: This game will be episodic, with each being a new story told by real life experiences that are taken from the players who have stories to share.

Ghost investigation: Explore the mansion and investigate the history of the spirit. When you are ready, take on the ghost as the hunter, bent on eradicating the spirit from the house.

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: Core i5-9600K
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GRTX 1080

Vestige Memoria game Free Download

Title: Vestige Memoria

Genre: Casual, Indie


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Release Date: Coming soon

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