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“We survived a second Black Lightning, but our story was not over yet.” — Vincent Jackson

It’s 2066, one year has passed since the events of Schwarzerblitz. New Langdon is bustling with life and the lives of many characters now revolve around a small café at the outskirts of the city – Jackson’s.
This celebratory DLC includes a digital book, eight new costumes and one additional stage.

Please, notice that this DLC doesn’t unlock the characters the costumes are for! Skeleton, Lazor, Wally and Evilobster must be manually unlocked in-game first!

Digital book with color illustrations

A digital book with seven short stories set in the world of Schwarzerblitz, each one provided with a color illustrations by gifted artist Eliz Bee. This collection is accessed by browsing the game folder: Right click on Schwarzerblitz in your Steam library > Properties > Browse Local Files. The digital book is available both in ePub and PDF format inside the “extra” folder. Notice that the tales are not provided as additional in-game story chapter!
The stories included are:

  • Tales from the Past — Outback Blues
  • Tales from Jackson’s — Lone Wolf Cub
  • Tales from Jackson’s — Of Mutants and Men
  • Tales from the Night — A Fleeting Existence
  • Tales from Jackson’s — No Good Deed
  • Tales from the Ring — The People’s Champ
  • Tales from Crossbones — The Problem with Encorp

Eight brand-new costumes

In addition to the digital book, this DLC adds eight new costumes to the game, all based on the short stories. Notice that costumes are simply cosmetic items and don’t change the movesets of the affected characters, even when they change the character’s name and sound effects.

  • Bartender — costume for Mystery Johnson
  • Penguin Pajama — costume for Cyphr Wolfchild
  • Mr. Claws — costume for Evilobster
  • The Obituary — costume for Evilobster
  • Chai Constantine — costume for Jenn Husler
  • Jerediah “Red” Horowitz — costume for Skeleton Skallen
  • Mao Zereczni — costume for Wally Alba
  • Gruda Sandweller — costume for Lazor Loyra

One new stage

To relive the magic of Evilobster’s arcade ending and his epic showdown against The Obituary, a new stage with ring out “The People’s Champ – AWA Arena” is now selectable to duke it out like a real wrestler.

Game Schwarzerblitz – Tales from the Epilogue Bundle Download

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System Requirements


    • OS *: Windows 7
    • Storage: 50 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: this content will be installed in the same directory as the main game
Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

Schwarzerblitz – Tales from the Epilogue Bundle game Free Download

Title: Schwarzerblitz – Tales from the Epilogue Bundle

Genre: Action


Andrea Demetrio

Release Date: 15 Dec, 2022

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