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Right Nice Party is a playful, family-friendly and strategic party game with cheerful characters and a colorful world. Take over locations and build up your influence in the refreshingly new Conquest Mode and battle your friends in engaging mini-games between rounds!

About This Game


  • Refreshing new take on the party board formula!
  • Fun and wacky Mini-Games that exercise all kinds of skills!
  • AI Players can fill the spots if you’re not four players!
  • Right Nice Party is cross-platform compatible!

Get ready for a new kind of party! One with a colorful world, cheerful characters and a new take on the party game for the whole family. It’s… Right Nice Party!


In the headlining game mode of Right Nice Party, four players move across the board as they use their points to take over Locations. If you own the most Locations by the end of the final round, you win! But be careful, other players can go to your Locations and spend more to take them for themselves! Additionally, crazy Items and fun Events can change things up when you least expect it! It’s a refreshing new take on the classic party formula that is sure to engage you in strategic gameplay and unexpected outcomes.


Do you want Mini-Games? Right Nice Party has them. After every round, players engage in a Mini-Game selected at random! Some exercise skill, some you’re going to have to think about and some are just plain weird! Take the thrilling rush of Rapid Reader, where you must flip your schoolbook to the correct page faster than your classmates or the spoopy halls of Ghastly Grievance where one player has to control the terrifying Ghoul and try to eat all other players before the time runs out. With a variety of team setups and fun ideas, the Mini-Games in Right Nice Party are sure to surprise and delight players of all kinds.

Anyone can join the party! Right Nice Party is playable both locally with multiple controllers or online. In fact, you can even mix the two! Two people can play on the same device while the rest of your friends join in online. Last but not least, Right Nice Party is fully cross-platform and will be released on computers, consoles and mobile devices. With a wide variety of options, you and your friends are sure to find a setup that works for you.

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 10

Right Nice Party game Free Download

Title: Right Nice Party

Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy


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Right Nice Games

Release Date: To be announced

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