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Challenge the world one pillow at a time in this irreverent 2.5D fighting game. Featuring a range of singleplayer options, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer with rollback netcode!

About This Game

The year is 2024, and humanity has achieved world peace through the single greatest activity ever invented: pillow fighting.

Pillow Champ is a bold new take on the fighting game genre, calling back to classics like Street Fighter 2 with punchy 2.5D action, a range of game modes, and an irreverent, fluffy setting. Enter the Pillow Champ tournament, a joyful series of events and challenges that’s altered society itself. Unravel the mystery of the Pillow Knights, an organization of ninjas who want to drag pillow fighting back into the world of the dark. Clean a car entirely using acrobatic pillow attacks, as our ancestors always intended.

This is a deconstruction of fisticuffs video games. Replacing a blade with a pillow, blood with feathers, suffering with pleasure, grunts with laughter, this isn’t the same games you grew up with, but it kind-of-sort-of-is, too.

Welcome to Pillow Champ, kid. Now go fluff it out.


  • Master the skills of 8 pillow-wielding warriors to become the ultimate Pillow Champ!
  • Smack your way to the top with robust single-player options including a career mode with upgradeable character skills, and an extensive story mode (2 character stories included at launch)!
  • Move sets and animations inspired by various cultural dances, martial arts, and exercises.
  • A set of hilarious, heartwarming stories about finding your passion, keeping it, and defeating the pillow-wielding ninjas who would stand in the way of your dreams.
  • Pillow fight your friends in local multiplayer, and challenge the world in online multiplayer supported by rollback netcode!
  • Character stories created by prolific game writer Xalavier Nelson Jr. (Hypnospace Outlaw, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, etc.)!
  • A soundtrack you will listen to while you work or play!
  • A man entirely composed of pillows. Somebody free him from this torment. Please.

Game Pillow Champ Download

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System Requirements



    • OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bits
    • Processor: AMD A4-9125 2.3GHz
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon R3 Graphics


    • OS: MacOS Monterey 12.3
    • Processor: Intel Core Dual 2.4 GHz
Starting February 15, 2024, the Steam Client will no longer support 32-bit games or macOS 10.14 or lower.

Pillow Champ game Free Download

Title: Pillow Champ

Genre: Action, Indie, Sports


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Release Date: Coming soon

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