Legend of the Wargod

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A dark fantasy epic RPG with turn-based combat, with an emphasis on strategy and survival. Aid Zieg in his quest to recover his stolen voice and unfold the Legends of Aeasyn.

About This Game

Legend of the Wargod is a thrilling, turn-based RPG in a world of dark fantasy.

Follow Zieg on his quest to recover his stolen voice. Journey through Aeasyn, a realm of wicked rituals, destiny and never-ending war. Forge fate-bound ties, slay countless foes and unravel the ancient Legend.

Will you survive the path of the Wargod?

Key Features:

  • Rich Story

Explore a fantastic world, as you unearth the ancient legend. Face off against awesome foes, learn the stories of the people of the White Lion Kingdom and aid those in need! Immerse yourself with in-game cinematic events and animated interactions.

  • Strategic Battles

Command your heroes in turn-based combat, form powerful strategies, and use strength or wit to overcome challenges.

  • Unique Class System

Change, Learn and Choose from nine playable classes, each with its own skills.

  • Power of Ra’

Discover and Master whispering with ten distinct magic schools to shape your heroes’ powers. Cast spells and unleash the raw energy of Ra’!

  • Tactical Adaptability

Adapt mid-fight and forge endless strategies with the Change mechanic. Have up to 5 heroes in the vanguard!

  • Wrath of Nature

The environment has an impact in battle, from snowstorms to heavy winds and deafening thunderstorms! With enough mastery, you may even control and modify the Elements to your benefit!

  • War Gear

Equip your heroes with a variety of armor, weapons and trinkets to enhance their prowess in the field of battle.

  • Group Progression

Shared leveling and experience gain, enhance each heroes’ classes, unlock new skills and upgrade them to their limit.

Carve your will in the threads of fate! An epic, dark world of magic, blood, war and destiny awaits!

Game Legend of the Wargod Download

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

Legend of the Wargod game Free Download

Title: Legend of the Wargod

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy





Release Date: Q3 2024

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