Galactic Defense: Automation

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“Galactic Defense: Automation” is a real-time strategy game that emphasizes unit behavior automation. All units run their own cycles: production, development, death, and recycling. Players design construction plans to defend and destroy enemies.

About This Game

Complex & Unique

A game designed for players who enjoy complex gameplay. Players can focus on strategy while letting AI handle everything else for you.

Simulation – Life Cycle

This is a unique simulation game. It simulates real-time strategy games, but everything is automated! All units in the game have their own production, development, death, and recycling cycles, which happen automatically without player intervention. The player’s task is to strategically place construction plans and design optimal defense and production layouts to counter enemy attacks and ultimately eradicate the enemy.

Massive Battles with Minimal Controls

The game features an astonishing number of units on the screen, with nearly 100 units initially and up to 500 units in the later stages. Players only need to make a few clicks. They simply need to place construction plans, and the game’s AI takes care of the rest. The game also offers a pause and resume function, allowing players to give orders to units while paused.

Galactic Defense: Automation

In this game, you take on the role of a commander on the galactic frontier defense line, under human rule. Your task is to command and organize the development and expansion of military and civilian activities. Meanwhile, the indigenous alien species in the universe, known as the “Cleansers,” stand in opposition to humanity. For them, human expansion is a threat to the universe, a pollution of the cosmos. Therefore, they have decided to eliminate humanity and protect the universe.

Players primarily strengthen themselves by collecting resources, planning construction, building and producing, and recycling resources. The “Cleansers,” on the other hand, follow a completely different logic. They are wary of humans but gradually test and slowly harass them until they are provoked!

Respects Players’ Time

Each game session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Ecological Cycle

All units in the game have their own production, development, death, and recycling cycles, which occur automatically without player intervention.

Full Automation Mode

After completing the game, you can try the “Full Automation Mode.” In this mode, players load a previous completed save file, and all the previous construction plans from the previous game are reproduced at specific time intervals. This means players can complete the game without any further actions or interventions.

Core Gameplay

  • Players need to destroy all enemy bases to achieve victory.
  • Periodically, waves of attacking enemies will emerge from the enemy bases.
  • By withstanding enemy attacks, destroying key enemy facilities, and eradicating their main stronghold, players earn “Merit” points.
  • Use “Merit” points to plan and construct projects.


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Game Galactic Defense: Automation Download

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System Requirements


    • OS *: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 64bit
    • Processor: Dual Core 64bit CPU (2.2+ GHz Dual Core CPU or better)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • VR Support: No

    • OS *: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 64bit
    • Processor: Any Quad Core or 3.0+ GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • VR Support: No
Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

Galactic Defense: Automation game Free Download

Title: Galactic Defense: Automation

Genre: Simulation, Strategy


Jackson Xie


Jackson Xie, Tony Wang

Release Date: 2024

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