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Shape your own saga in a harsh world that changes every game, offering thousands of paths through hundreds of events. You are a fallen god fighting to win your way back home. Whether you prevail will depend on your might, wits, powers, followers, and artifacts—and, above all, on your decisions.

About This Game

Once, the world was better, the gods greater, the wars over, the end farther. You were born in the Cloudlands during those bright days, one of the Ormfolk, forever young and strong, worshipped by those below for your forefathers’ deeds. But all has gone wrong. Wolves and worse haunt the night, the law holds no sway, and men’s hearts grow hard toward their gods. Fearful of their dwindling shares of souls, your kin turned against each other … and against you. And so you were cast down from the heavens, a fallen god broken upon the bitter earth. Now, you rise, free from death and ready to carve a bloody road back to your rightful home.


Fallen Gods is a narrative “rogue-lite” RPG. You control the titular fallen god, who starts each game with different might, wits, health, and divine powers, and one of several animal familiars and magical artifacts. He has 90 days to win his way back to the Cloudlands, or he will lose his godhood forever. During that time, he must gather and manage a warband of up to five followers, find additional artifacts, and gain soul-strength by performing godly deeds (some kindly, some cruel). The world is full of barrows, caverns, swamps, towns, shrines, villages, castles, and other locations of interest. What you find in these places—what foes you will face in battle, what friends you can make, what dilemmas you must resolve, and what rewards you might win—changes every game. As your understanding of the world and its inhabitants grows, you will discover new strategies and develop new paths to victory, but the way will never be easy.

  • Decisions fit for a (fallen) god. Fallen Gods is about hard choices with fateful consequences. Where should you explore, what should you seek, and who should you trust? The answers are never easy, but the outcomes are always interesting.
  • Never the same story twice. Every game of Fallen Gods casts a different god into a different world, filled with different events, battles, dungeons, towns, and denizens. Even familiar encounters will change depending on your skills, followers, items, resources, and choices.
  • A rich setting inspired by sagas, myths, history, and folklore. The world of Fallen Gods is drawn from the old sources of classic fantasy with modern glosses stripped away, restoring the wonder, terror, and otherworldliness that have been lost. The themes and even the language of the game are those of the great sagas.
  • A game of game-changers. The divine skills, animal familiars, human followers, and magical artifacts that you get in Fallen Gods meaningfully expand your options, rather than merely modifying some statistic.
  • Ups and downs. The protagonist of Fallen Gods starts out powerful, and while he can grow mightier, he also faces the danger of losing the strength and assets he’s gained. Weathering setbacks and taking calculated risks is the key to victory. For a fallen god, even death can be endured.

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System Requirements


    • OS *: Windows 7,8,10, XP SP2
    • Processor: Dual core and above (can run on single core)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D, OpenGL, DirectX
    • DirectX: Version 5.2
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
Starting January 1st, 2024, the Steam Client will only support Windows 10 and later versions.

Fallen Gods game Free Download

Title: Fallen Gods

Genre: RPG


Wormwood Studios


Wormwood Studios


Wormwood Studios

Release Date: Coming soon

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