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Be a billionaire, team up and betray your friends all at once in EAT THE RICH! A social party game for 6-10 players where you play mini games, vote out the competition, conspire to get ahead, all in a bid to be the richest!

About This Game

Billionaires? Everybody just LOVES billionaires! That’s why we’ve put them on a game show to FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES! Play online with 6-10 players in this social party game where you fight against each other to see who has the most pennies in the end.

Society has collapsed due to the unbridled greed of the 1%. In retribution (and in lieu of a guillotine), the masses have forced the billionaires who caused it into a deadly game show against each other called EAT THE RICH. In this gameshow, players go head-to-head in a rich immersion of social reality – all without their hard-earned generational wealth!

  • As punished billionaires, players compete for pennies and other advantages over multiple rounds.
  • Players vote each other out of the game until there are only 3 players left.
  • The remaining player with the most Pennies then wins the game.

The game show is divided into 5 main sections: Job Hunt, Networking, Labor, Brawl, and Voting

Job Hunt

Each round starts off with a job hunt where billionaires play a game of reverse tag to see who can get the job in the ever competitive job market. The player who gets to win the job hut gets to WORK as a reward — just like real life!


Make friends, frenemies, foes,– whatever you call them–to get a leg up in the competition! The winner of the job hunt gets to invite other players to help them in exchange for some pennies.


The lucky winner gets paid in pennies while performing various mini games, and experience worst practices in labor management. Complete the mini-game and get handsomely rewarded with some pennies to secure your spot at the top.


While the winner gets to work, the other players duke it out in a brawl to try to steal pennies from other people — just like real life! OR they can use this opportunity to conspire against other players.


Outsmart your rivals, take down the richest player and secure your victory. The round ends with the billionaires coerced to turn against each other. They must vote to eliminate one player out of the game who they think has the most amount of pennies.


Don’t be the 1%… be the ONLY ONE! Once there are only 3 players left, the player with the most pennies win!


  • Customize your billionaire: Choose from a wide variety of accessories, tops, bottoms!
  • Several mini-games to play with your billionaire friends
  • In-game text chat and audio
  • Cartoony art style

What are you waiting for? Be a billionaire today!

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 10 x32bit
    • Processor: INTEL i3-4330
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: INTEL HD Graphics 4600

Eat the Rich game Free Download

Title: Eat the Rich

Genre: Action, Casual


Maccima Games



Release Date: Coming soon

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