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Cursed Bet is a horror game where you play from a body camera perspective. Tackle a cursed doll as you delve into the creepy story of the abandoned preschool you entered to record a videos for a bet.

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“Experience horror and suspense in the creepiest way from a body camera perspective in a realistic environment…”


Davin is told some stories by his friends about an abandoned prescholl where scary events are said to have taken place. Rumor has it that a doll in a preschool is cursed and comes to life, causing terrifying events and the school is abandoned. It is among the rumors that the curse still continues, bad things happen to those who enter the school, and some of them are still not heard from. Davin does not believe these stories and bet with his friends. He has to enter this abandoned preschool alone in the middle of the night and record videos to prove the stories are not true. But a true curse to be solved awaits him.

  • Play as Davin, and record every moment at school with his body camera. Experience the story of the terrible abandonment of the school with the clues and puzzles left behind by those at the school.

  • Tackle a the cursed doll. Look for ways to destroy it and break the curse.

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Cursed Bet game Free Download

Title: Cursed Bet

Genre: Indie





Release Date: To be announced

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